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How I Fell in Love With Scientology

Sands Hall for Lenny Letter

Since the documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, Scientology has scared and fascinated me. I read all I can. This essay by Sands Hall is hauntingly relatable in how she came to be a scientologist. 

Bookmarked Sentence: "I see now that what I loved was Jamie’s certainty, a certainty that included his choice of religion: Scientology."

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Iris Apfel Opens Up About Her Ageless Style

As told to Linda Fargo in Harper's Bazaar

When my friend Sarah tweeted this, it was an instant click. Iris is fun, unapologetic, and straightforward about her opinion of style, which I love. Iris' own words in this article are aspirational simply because they are uncomplicated. 

Bookmarked Sentence: "I think style is in your DNA, but it requires work. You can’t just sit there. If you have the possibility of a great operatic voice and you don’t train it, nothing will come of it. So if you’re lucky enough to have potential, you should work at cultivating it."

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10 Women Of All Different Ages Get Refreshingly Real About Going Gray


Jamie Feldman of Huffpost Personal

As a women who plucks her gray hairs one morning followed by a truce the next, I enjoyed this article for showing women's feelings toward gray hair is a very gray area. 

Bookmarked Sentences:  "...but I want to be one of those weird hippie ladies with the long gray braid. I enjoy being in this time being gray because we are kind of in this time of body acceptance. I feel like being the age you are, and if going gray and getting old is OK, it’s not a bad thing.” - Jess Hart, 30