The bookmark bar is the all-purpose sidekick of my freelance toolbox. It is a place of organzied necessity; acting as speed dial to my Squarespace, Mail Chimp, and most imperative, (we are on a first name basis). It also houses a carousel of articles, inspiration and harsh realities. The bar evolves along with my needs and interests. Bookmarked is a section of digital nuggets where I bestow the bookmark honor. It is updated weekly. Enjoy!

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Marta On The Move: Chelsea Handler

Local podcaster, Marta Napoleone Mazzoni from Marta on the Move gained some of Chelsea's time while she was in Pittsburgh this week. It's a quick, honest, uplifting listen. 

Bookmarked Sentence: "It's not just about being political, it's just about being engaged. " - Chelsea Handler

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The High Low

A pop-culture / news podcast created by journalists Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes is back! Pandora had a short maternity leave (6 weeks! Superhuman), but I would be lying if didn't say my face lit up like a Christmas tree Thursday morning when I saw a new episode. 

Bookmarked Sentence:

Pandora Sykes: "The only way I can explain the physical act of having a baby is... a split sofa. I am a split sofa"

Dolly Alderton: "I appreciate you saying that." 

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The Armchair Expert: Kristen Bell


This my NEW go-to podcast. It is long, but interesting. I love the tag line: "a podcast that celebrates the messiness of being human." It is hosted by Dax Shepard, and his first guest is Kristen Bell and they don't shy away from the messiness of their life, together or separate. 

Bookmarked Sentences:  "Social Media in my mind, it can swerve so negative and sometimes it is about politics, but ultimately I think it should be something that makes people smile. Not, gives them a comparison hangover. I don't think there is anything funny about perfection." - Kristen Bell