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the vest

the vest

I am rational until I am not. There are lightning moments, split seconds when an idea will pop into my head and I must act immediately as if my life depended on it. My style doesn't escape this quirk. Some things I regret, sure. It happens and then life goes on and it slowly transforms into a hidden memory or campfire story. But, every now and again a spontaneous act creates real life magic.The energy of this moment never dies. One look at a picture, a single mention, and the life of this decision is as present as it was the day it was born. 

As a bride, most of us obsess over how we are going to look on our wedding day. I was no different. I wanted to be myself and natural, yet special. I wanted to be distinct with moments of traditional. I wanted to radiate fun, but with a classical twist. Everything I wanted "to be" was this constant seesaw in my head since the day I agreed to be Ben's forever. It was exhausting at points. When it comes to style, my mind is forever evolving. My look today is probably not my look tomorrow. I like to keep myself guessing which made it difficult to nail down the perfect look so far in advance. 

Eventually, my wedding day style came together. I felt confident that it captured all the desired qualities. When the sun rose on the big day, a golden dress was securely laced. A cap-style veil created with antique, silk French lace, beaded fringe from the 1920's and an Edwardian brooch was delicately placed on my head. Colorful cowboy boots and loose curls set in my then sun blond hair topped off the blended look. All was being worn accordingly to plan. 

Then, lightning struck. During the transition from the cocktail hour to the reception, I saw it. Within a happily chaotic room, a space which us ladies readied ourselves only hours prior, a jean vest was haphazardly hanging on the back of a chair. This particular one belonged to my dear and bad ass friend, Kelly. She rocked this vest throughout the day as she hopped from bridesmaid to bride styling hair. I owned the same vest, but Kelly's was staring me in the face begging to be worn. 

Now, I am a sucker for third pieces when it comes to styling. A structured jacket, a lightweight vest or printed kimono are staples in my closet. This moment was no different. On this defining day, with loved ones watching, I ditched my plan. This simple, Americana piece just had to be layered over top of my wedding dress. Right arm through first, followed immediately by the left arm and with a roll of my shoulders, the vest was secured. It was a perfect fit.  

Bless my bridesmaids and mother as delicate looks of concern were exchanged. My mother politely mentioned, "Jessie, are you sure you want to do this?" I smiled my big reassuring smile that my mother has seen too many times to count and she nodded her head in acceptance. I turned to my one bridesmaid, Tara, and definitively said, "I'm doing this." She responded, "Alright, you're doing this!" in her most enthusiastic, I'm-on-board-if-you-are-on-board voice. In her mind, I'm sure she was hoping she wouldn't be consoling me later over the professional pictures. 

If I had to choose a single word to describe Ben and I's relationship it would be fun. We are goofy and embrace it. We see humor in the big things and the little things. We try not to take ourselves too seriously; and when we do, the mood is often lightened with a movie quote from a classic comedy, a horrible dance move, or an unattractive funny face. Smiling, laughing it is just our favorite. 

After our ceremony, we were on a high unlike I have ever experienced. We felt like rock stars! That vest encompassed each and every emotion I was feeling. It was fun. It was simple and effortless. It was bold. Sure, it was quirky. It was unconventional. This vest dressed down a beautiful, lace, one-of-a-kind dress. Denim over a wedding dress, how dare I? But, not only did I dare... I did. This denim beauty invoked a strong gut reaction and I couldn't turn away. Even now it is difficult to fully explain. In that moment, though, it just felt like me, it felt like us. 

wavy alabaster_the vest

Trust your gut, folks. Fashion, and life, is more fun that way!

Cheers, Jessa

All photos taken by the talented + awesome Lydia Hartnett of Lydia Jane Photography (Instagram: @lydiajane)

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