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rosewood holiday style guide

rosewood holiday style guide

In chatting with my dear friend, Dana, the other day, I was on the other end of a shared story about her friend participating in a summer of "yes." If he was physically and financially able, he said yes to every proposition that blew his way. The end result was a summer overflowing with fulfillment and exploration coupled with a touch of exhaustion, the good kind. I couldn't help but feel a deep connection with this story and person I never met. 

With the birth of Wavy Alabaster, a "yes" mindset was crucial. Unless I felt a strong gut resistance, every opportunity, collaboration, idea would be met with the shaking of my head from north to south. Part two of that being, if I said yes, I would dive head first into the opportunity; fully embracing the project and its objectives. This is far from easy at times. There are moments that push me completely out of my style and personal comfort zone. They carry equal parts excitement and intimidation; and, when the feeling of doubt and questioning creeps in, sometimes the intimidation overshadows the excitement. It is proven time and time again, however, I have NEVER regretted a yes. When the uneasy abyss, known as outside my comfort zone, is reached, I learn and grow more than expected. It happens every time without fail. My most recent yes has me swooning over upcoming Holiday style and enthusiastically considering adding pale pink to my wardrobe; a phrase I never thought I would type.

I am beyond ecstatic to share with you the Rosewood Holiday Style Guide

Rosewood is a women's boutique based in Sewickley owned by girl boss, Kathryn. The boutique is quaint and full of love and sparkle. Those attributes were well and alive during our photo shoot. That day, thanks to Kathryn, brought together an insane amount of talent and I was simply grateful to be in the same room. From the photography to the beautiful handmade props to the styling to my fellow model and gal pal to the pizza and high jumps, it was a day that has fueled my inspiration for weeks. Outside it was muggy and rainy. Inside the white walls of the North Shore studio, it was raining glitter and marshmallows. I never thought my blogging would lead to a collaboration such as this. I am overjoyed by this "yes." It has challenged me to invite a bit more glamour into my style and embrace the feminine side I try to deliberately hide from time to time. Let's face it, a little sparkle never hurt anyone. A lot of sparkle, well, that just makes you smile.  

We are keeping the party going this Friday, November 20th from 5pm to 9pm for the Rosewood Holiday Preview Party! My girl pal, Jenna from Balance and Chaos, and I will be offering styling tips, Bar Marco will be pouring the drinks, and you can have first dibs on Rosewood’s Holiday collection. 


Cheers, Jessa

This day came together seamlessly + beautifully thanks to the following folks. Give them some love!

Director + Owner of Rosewood, Kathryn Richardson; thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting to work with this inspirational group of women. Be sure to follow Rosewood on Instagram, Twitter + Facebook!

Photography by Nicole Jacrock who made it easy to be silly in front of the camera

 gal pal + fellow blogger, Jenna from Balance and Chaos joined me in front of the camera

Styling and all graphics by the insanely talented Tara Krach from Diva Gone Domestic

Styling props and models by Sarah Marchese from RunAround Sar; MVP of the day: that steamer took no prisoners!

The beautiful flowers arrangement provided by Karrie Hlista; I can still smell the freshness

Nails courtesy of Julia Sizer from Polished; I am heading back to update my nails for the Holiday Preview Party!



all over velvet

all over velvet