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Meet my first vintage purchase; the dress that made me fall head over fringe heels in love with recycling clothes. 

Vintage has been a strong theme in my life lately if you couldn't tell already. Ben and I attended the Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer in Lawrenceville a couple of weekends ago and it was nothing short of a fascinating trip back in time. Picture numerous vintage lovers turned vendors openly sharing their discoveries with you. Magic. And then, just two nights ago, Leslie from juju held another Vintage Open House in honor of the Holidays. Leslie, Mandy from The Curvy Blogger and Mandy Fierens Photography, and I chatted over these darling rosemary cranberry cocktails about our first vintage purchase. Mandy fell in love with a pendant when she was twelve and never looked back. Leslie showed us both up with a black ball gown as her first vintage steal. My first purchase, with my own hard-earned cash, this blue beauty. 

My 1940's dress for all occasions was discovered in State College, PA in 2008. I was a late bloomer to the mystical world of vintage. I had just graduated college and my then boyfriend, who would later become my permanent other half, and I ventured to this small college town for brews and hangs. There was a quaint brick and mortar vintage shop named The Rag and Bone on Calder Way. They have since left this physical space and live solely on Etsy under the name Steele Hollow Vintage. Read Shelley's story here.

Their hot pink walls highlighted numerous goodies, spanning from men's sport jackets and polos to women's dresses, shoes and jewelry. This royal blue dress, covered by a small floral pattern that possessed Jackson Pollock-like qualities, caught my attention. Small floral patterns are a score in vintage as they are timeless and flattering. This dress became mine when I slipped it over my then platinum blonde hair. The fit was fitting for me. It hit my natural waist and gave me just enough shape without clinging tight. Surprise, surprise, my dress of choice would be a looser fit. 

This dress has bared witness to wedding vows and has humbly spoken at funerals. It has closed deals in conference rooms and danced to Stanford Towson in my living room. It wrinkles quick, but I don't mind. Wrinkles on this dress, on my face, in my life are proof that I am moving and grooving. They are confirmation action is taking place; and as a result, memories being made. I dress it down with chucks and over-sized sweater or edge it up with fringe heels and a skinny scarf. It is a based from which my style imagination can run rampant.

I most recently wrinkled my first vintage purchase playing in Randyland. I cannot think of a more fitting place to photograph a repurposed dress. Randyland, a non-profit Folk Art Museum with the goal of teaching and showing us the beauty behind recycling, is colorful and vivacious. My blue beauty fit right in.

For more about this magical place, check out Madisyn Fecko's beautiful post on Free People's Bldg 25 blog featuring some lovely ladies including yours truly. 

Cheers, Jessa

photos snapped by the lovely Jenn Ott

// dress Steele Hollow Vintage, shoes Free People, skinny scarf Free People //

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