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The folks behind Versona recently reached out to yours truly about attending the grand opening of their first Pennsylvania location and I was stoked to accept the offer. I was unfamiliar with this boutique until they extended the invitation. What I found last Friday was quite an effortless and warm shopping experience.  From the people to the layout, Versona connected with me. The boutique could not have been easier to shop and the ladies and gentleman were up for chatting and helping wherever necessary. As I entered the doors, opened for the first time, I was enthusiastically greeted by a woman with a smile that was delivered from the soul. She was dancing. I liked this spot already. 

There was a time growing up that I cared way too much about spending a certain amount on a piece. It was as though the amount I spent on an item was directly proportional to the style it portrayed.  Call it being a teenager, call it trying to fit in, whatever it was, I could not be further removed from that style-self. Style knows no labels or price in my eyes now. It is about fit and feel. You do not need to drop dolla dolla bills ya'll to be a show stopper. With the leap from an established career to a not-so-established career/way-of-living, my husband and I took a decent financial hit. My style didn't deteriorate, however. I refused to let it. My shopping habits just had to become smarter; my pairings more often and more creative. Spots like Versona help. They hit you up with on-trend pieces that will not leave you with a moral hangover about what was just purchased.

Sorting pieces by color and trends, it was easy to locate my go-to section. I meandered to the western-inspired wear: denim, faux suede, ponchos, oh my! I had been searching for a faux suede skirt for some time. This Fringe Pencil Skirt with its slip-on, stretch fit and midi length was an out-of-the-ballpark homerun. The fringe is not overwhelming, allowing it to be styled multiple ways; yet, still has a bit of flare and excitement. Expect to see me sporting this about town in more ways than one. 

For my first look, I wanted to play with shapes. The sleekness of the pencil skirt allows space for these wide bell sleeves to shine. But, why stop there? Wrapping a denim jacket around the waist not only helps break up the loose knit, tunic-style sweater, but it is practical for this see-saw weather Pittsburgh has been throwing our way. When playing with shapes to this extreme, keep the palette neutral for the most part. Leave the prints to the accessories and footwear. 

Fringe on fringe makes for a dressy second look, or at least, what I would deem "dressy." Sets are all the rage and from which my inspiration was drawn. When I saw this skirt, I thought it would be a killer set if there was a matching top. A sheer black fringe top was just packed away at home for incoming winter months. She had to be brought off the bench for this look. Pulling the skirt higher on my hips, essentially making it high-waisted, reveals just a taste of sheer; perfect for the fall months. As all good structured jackets do, this vegan leather jacket adds a flattering silhouette to my athletic body type. 

We cannot forget the sunnies featured in each look. These playful aviators were also grabbed from Versona. They are what Top Gun dreams are made of and add a bit of edge to each look. 

What do you think of #MyVersonaStyle above?

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Cheers, Jessa

// Fringe Pencil Skirt Versona, Aviator Sunglasses Versona //

Versona is currently rockin' at the Cranberry Mall! Stop by, chat with the folks, and tell them Jessa sent ya!

Photos by my friend, personal stylist + textile designer, Niki Whittle

all over velvet

all over velvet