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Glitter & Grit's Bridal Revival

Glitter & Grit's Bridal Revival

To wear her again is a privilege, 
Feelings flood back familiar, yet fresh
She may be tighter, but shines just as bright
My dear, label-less wedding dress.

Wavy Alabaster x Bridal Revival

I am not embarrassed by the blurriness of the photos below or the minimal amount. My partner-in-crime of the night tried quite hard to ensure I embraced the role of a reputable blogger. Truth be told, I just couldn't spend the majority of my time snapping photos when there was dancing to be had and cheers to be shared. These inadequate snaps, however grainy, are the ultimate proof of a fun-filled, magical night that was Bridal Revival. This first time event was driven and created by Erin, owner of Glitter & Grit, the premier Pittsburgh bridal boutique for one of a kind, stylish pieces. I type the word "pieces" with purpose because Erin carries some sick jumpsuits and one pieces for the modern-day, unique bride.

The foundation of a wedding day is much more than the dress or whatever garment one chooses to wear, we all know this, Glitter & Grit embraces this belief. Yet, this ultimate role player deserves her time in the spotlight. Bridal Revival cast this light. What we chose to represent us, carry us through one of the most important days of our lives, now was able to stand front and center among her sisters.  

The night of nights, rocked at the lovely Hotel Monaco, had a pretty staked line up thanks to Erin as well as Jessica and Kourtney of Epic Event Planning.

Deep breath inhale...

From a fresh flower photo booth backdrop manned and handmade by the energetic ladies of The Farmer's Daughter to affirming tarot readings by one of my bests, Leslie of juju to a restyling station led by the stylish ladies {Tori, Kim, Ashley and Niki) of the #StylishPittsburgh movement to silly caricatures by The Pittsburgh Caricature Company capturing the pure joy of women wearing their wedding assembles once more (another deep breath inhale) to a thoughtful shared canvas by Paint Monkey-Cranberry to wearable live succulent ring arrangements by the ladies of Mt. Lebanon Floral to goal setting and achieving with Kate and Emily of Propelle to decorating cookies after cocktails with Bella Christies and Lil Z's Sweet Boutique to hair and makeup touch ups -- my hair touched the sky courtesy of Julia and hunter green cat eyes were just plain fierce thanks to Marie Minahan -- from some of Pittsburgh's elite artists, this night had us ladies pampered. I formally apologize to all my English teachers for that paragraph sentence. 

So, yes, you are piecing together the picture, a lot of folks made this night an epic event (pun fully intended.) I didn't even name all the amazing local creators and doers involved --> check it here for the full list and spread all the love. The line certainly blurred between guests and vendors as we all shared a common celebratory attitude. And, the icing on the cake was our participation in some good doing (or is it do goodin') while simply socializing. All proceeds derived from the event are being donated to the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Guests also had the opportunity to donate wedding and bridesmaid dresses to Brides for a Cause and Project Prom. Take my friend Tara who gave this black gown one last spin on the dance floor before passing it along for its next adventure.  

The event was light and joyful. With my blush kimono, navy blue feather earrings, cowboy boots and pap's belt, my dear label-less wedding dress took on a new life and soaked in even more memories. File it under another night to remember in my favorite dress. 

You showcased me on the dance floor,
You kept me strong and steady down the aisle. 
Now time to hang up those straps, my dear.
I promise, it will just be a little while.

Cheers, Jessa

A huge thank you to Erin of Glitter & Grit for, not only the invitation, but a beautifully curated night with old friends and new ones. Well done, Erin, well done! 
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More coverage about this epic (hopefully annual) event, check out this article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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