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fringe: my turn

fringe: my turn

Look familiar? 

Yes, here we are again. As promised and for the last time (maybe), the suede fringe jacket of all our dreams from Alicks & Raflin. Fun story how this jacket came to be in our possession. We attended the Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer back in the fall where vintage and nostalgia lined the walls and basement of the Teamsters Hall in Lawrenceville. This jacket was perfectly perched on a tall mannequin in Alicks & Raflin's vendor space and it caught Ben's eye immediately. It was one of those, we HAVE to have this. But, being the reasonable buyers (not sure why we fell into this category now); we decided to take a lap before committing to this outerwear. Hand-in-hand, we kept our heads down and continued browsing. Circling back to that corner space, the suede fringe was no longer visible. This was it; the one that got away. Fully prepared to drink our sorrows with a Woodstack whiskey from down the street, we continued to browse. We introduced ourselves to the owner, Alexandra, and asked the fate of our dream jacket. Turns out, it was simply moved to showcase other clothes. Ben slipped on the suede and we were sold. 

Ben and I share a lot of clothes, particularly our vintage pieces. Our closets went from separated and neat to this one big mess of options. Maybe I should be more weary that I fit into the same clothes as my husband, but I am not. Size has never been too big of a bother for me. I am digging this over-sized look that dominates a lot of my style lately. Or maybe I am just coming full circle from my sports days, where the baggier the clothes, the better. Ben's pieces, for the most part, fit quite nicely into my curated outfits. It is fun challenge of sorts. Just as Ben has given these garments an initial breath of life, I take them down another path. 

Last week, you witnessed the rugged, outdoor, mountain man qualities of this piece. During the age of mountain men, these fringe trimmed, buckskin jackets were functional, not a style statement. Alas, to my dismay and maybe yours, they were not competing for best dressed. The buckskin provided necessary warmth while the fringe acted as a series of wicks to disperse water, which allowed the garment to dry faster in inclement weather. Ben rocked that jacket with jeans and a cotton vest as we trounced around a muddy Frick Park. It was worn with a simplicity and muted toughness. Straightforward qualities such as those, well, I like to flip them on their head and see where it takes me.

Let's get a little sexy, shall we?! (because the above picture is my best attempt) Us women tend to feel special when wearing our man's clothes, and I am no different. Maybe it's the scent that lingers. Maybe we feel protected by a shell of a familiar shape. I feel engulfed with a love that sets a positive tone to my day, and, let's be honest, I like the way it looks. 

The plunging neckline of this ribbed tee from Free People adds the femininity I need to not be mistaken for my husband. No one wants that. It shows just the right amount of skin to offset the various boyish pieces: straight leg boyfriend jeans, high-top sneakers, and my man's jacket. Sexy by definition of fringe, sneakers and jeans, sign me up! 

The look would not be completed without this stunning choker. From Studebaker Metals, purchased at Kristi Boutique, this neck wear gives the look a strong elegance. It plays well in both sandboxes - sensual, yet sleek and firm. High-quality American brass, forged from right here in Pittsburgh, is there more to say?  

There is always more to say, but for now I leave you with this... dig through your partner's closet. There are fun treasures to be found. And, it doubles your options when you are feeling that Pittsburgh, middle-of-winter style stagnation. 

Cheers, Jessa

photos snapped by the lovely Jenn Ott

// jacket Alicks & Raflin , shirt Free People, belt Vintage courtesy of Ben's pap, jeans Free People shop similar here + here, necklace Studebaker Metals, sneakers Vans //

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