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Found Fashion

Found Fashion

My post today is written by the oh-so-talented Heidi of the oh-so-entertaining The Steel Trap (I highly recommend reading the Things I Learned from My Ex(es) series on her blog), and is part of the 4th Annual Pittsburgh Guest Blogger Event, a special day of shenanigans from other Pittsburgh Bloggers. Check out my post over on everybody loves you where I style like Stevie Nicks and share thoughts on how you can too. Enjoy! Cheers, Jessa

Hello everyone! I am pleased to be writing on Jessa’s blog today as part of the annual Pittsburgh Guest Blogger Exchange. Normally, you can find my work over on The Steel Trap or on twitter\IG @The_Steel_Trap. Enjoy! 

Some of the best items in my wardrobe are items that I’ve acquired from friends’ and family members’ thrift store piles (and closets), from very random yard sales, and even from the lost and found. These pieces all have a story that precedes the moment when I laid my eyes on them; perhaps it’s part of the appeal, you know? We all love a great backstory, myself very much included. Thus, here are a six pieces that I’ve acquired along the way that make my wardrobe just a little bit more interesting. 

A yellow flowered bandana… straight out of the 1970s and a former accessory of my mother’s, this piece has been mine since high school when I became entirely enamored with all of the things that she had saved from her high school and college years. I still wear it from time to time in the summer, and it makes me smile every time. 

A tattered, torn, totally weathered Westminster College sweatshirt from the 1990s.. I acquired this sweatshirt through a fair and honest trade in 1998; it was already worn in and its previous owner remains one of my favorite glimmers of years gone by. Many beautiful moments of friendship and love happened while I was wearing this sweatshirt on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus; it’s a time capsule in and of itself. 

A pair of pearled bobby pins… my godmother used to wear these when I was a little girl. A few years ago she was cleaning out her drawers, and I asked for a set since they were such a vivid memory of mine from the 1980s. Who knows if I will ever wear them, but just in case, they will always rest in a special place in my jewelry box. 

A pair of dark turquoise Frye boots… these were on a clearance rack in a Neiman Marcus on Phoenix. I’ve never seen anyone else in these same boots, and while they don’t coordinate with everything, they certain make a statement whenever I do wear them. I especially like to wear them when I am channeling my inner Tami Taylor. 

A vintage GAP denim jacket… upper body denim is an essential component of any wardrobe as anyone with sense can attest. So when one of my friends was getting rid of this iconic 1990s fashion staple, I screamed “Blasphemy!” and rescued this piece from its thrift store fate.  

A t-shirt from the 1980 Moscow Olympics... The United States boycotted these games, and I have no idea how this t-shirt ended up at the bottom of my mother’s cedar chest, but I knew as soon as I spotted it that I had to have it. So much history, such an authentic rarity. Being the oldest child has its perks because first come, first serve!


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#PghGBE: my stevie

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