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Dancing Light

Dancing Light

There is a quality I posses which is a bad fit for blogging. Hint: it is not because I haven't posted for two weeks. 

Admittedly I am not good at snapping in-the-moment photos. Whether it is attending a stylish Instagram-worthy event, traveling unfamiliar trails, or rocking my daily life, I more times than not fail to snap a photo. I can describe to you the scene in precise detail, especially in writing, bringing the feelings that were felt to life. I can paint the picture, but I cannot show physical proof. This makes for a good, strike that, great life quality. In this tech-savvy age, we need more of this, right? Experiencing moments in their entirety like in the good ol' days (that phrase has officially entered my vocabulary) without the interruption of a "click" is rare. It is like lost art or an ancient form of meditation. It is a characteristic I wear with pride. Yet, it does make for a less than efficient quality in the instantaneous world of blogging.

There are times I stop, capture and create a still of the moment. This is one of those times.

My visit to Florida in June provided endless amounts of inspiration, poems and posts poured out of me. I witnessed my parents thriving in a new, out-of-their-comfort-zone environment and experienced breathtaking places overloading with history and grace. One of these places was The Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine. Known as "America's First Parish" in "America's Oldest City," this Parish was stunning in its structure. Setting aside religion for a second and focusing on the magnitude of architecture and precision of detail, one cannot help but be moved. There were pops of color and skilled art around each corner. Simplistic designs matched with complex ones. Pictures were allowed in this historical site, but I choose to have a silent, reflective moment with myself as I walked through various sections. Electronics never interrupted my wave of reflection. That is until I saw this... 

It might not look like much, but it sucked me in like a classic tin kaleidoscope. It took a small child accidentally dropping a hymnal book on the floor to break me of my trance. Late afternoon light pierced through the stain glass windows. The colors were dancing to the light's staccato beat. It was a simple moment, only experienced by myself. With one hand, I maneuvered my out-of-date iPhone slightly from my denim shortalls' pocket and quickly swiped up, focused and snapped. By not pulling my electronic device out all the way I wasn't breaking my vow to only reflect and not snap. Well, that's what I told myself. 

The grainy photo is a transport back to that instance of dancing light. It brings a sparkle to my life, a reminder of simple, often overlooked, moments. Once I was back in PA, my mission was to translate this picture into an outfit. It became my obsession. There was this vintage mod shift dress, sigh, which was epic. Purple, yellow, reds and pinks in a swirling pattern. Sadly, it didn't quite fit in the shoulders. Bump it, if you have insanely broad shoulders from playing sports! There were lots of potentials, but no winners. 

Then, my gal pal, Leslie of juju, held another Vintage Open House along with Sphinx Vintage and there she was. 

My goal was to create an outfit encompassing this moment. I one-upped myself and fell upon a single eccentric piece. Fitted and cropped, this jacket only needs neutral pairings. Shoulder pads are present which makes this girl giddy. Embrace the broad! Elementary shapes pair with exuberant colors and patterns to keep the eye entertained. Like the stained glass reflection, it was a work of seamstress art that comes alive in the light.  On the tag, it read "Aztec glam." In my heart, it was the one. 

Happy 2-0-1-6, ya'll! May it be full of simple moments that make you seek sequins. 

Cheers, Jessa

Photos by my fellow rock star blogger, Jenna of balance + chaos

// jacket Vintage courtesy of juju, tshirt Urban Outfitters, jeans Free People, shoes Circus by Sam Edelman //

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