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break down the bucket list

break down the bucket list

We all have a bucket list; that itemize list, even if it's just in our head, of goals that we would like to accomplish prior to kicking the dust. This act always seemed somewhat bleak to me so I broke it down. Year after year, around my birthday, I jot or draw a list of goals to conquer in the upcoming year. Clock stuck 30 years for me this past Tuesday, the 22nd. Whew! I made it! I am humbled and incredibly grateful for those 10,957 days, and yet incredibly motivated to top them. Enjoy this year's list.

// write thirty letters // We all smile when we receive a card or a hand written note. It is not just the words that make us feel all warm and fuzzy, but the time and effort that person took out of this hectic life to simply write. I do not know who will be my recipients, but I vow to write my age in letters. Yes, hand written letters, on loose leaf yellow ruled paper. 

// Read one full, selection of a physical newspaper once a month // This one is inspired by my future brother-in-law, or outlaw as we call ourselves. During a routine Face Time call with my sister, Greta, and her fiance, Tyler, I saw a motivating image. It was Tyler sitting crossed-leg looking utterly relaxed on the couch carefully reading a traditional newspaper. It looked classic. This act is a lost art as the world is instantaneous now. I typically gather my news from digital channels via my phone, but I am going to turn a new page this year. 

// gain a brother // Speaking of my family, I cannot wait to witness Tyler and Greta say I do next July!  Though there is really nothing for me to do other than support and cry, it may be the most epic event that happens in my year.

// buy bras // Sorry if this is too personal, but it needs to be said. I am a stylist and understand the importance of correct, proper-fitting undergarments; however, I am the WORST at buying underwire bras. The absolute worst! I much rather spend my money on a sick vintage dress with a crazy floral design that makes you want to blink then a prop to go under it. This is the only item that I am carrying over my year 29 list, so this is a must this year. I think I can... I think I can...

// take a calligraphy class // I write in cursive all the time. No print for me. It is time to upgrade my writing and officially add "calligraphist" to my name.

// master my momma's fudge recipe // My dear momma makes the most delectable, heavently chocolate peanut butter fudge. Growing up, this treat was all the rage in our neighborhood. When the Holidays rolled around, neighbors would could not wait for my momma to drop off her signature gift.  This is the year I master the art that is Linda Winemiller's chocolate peanut butter fudge and woo my neighbors. I will try not to burn my house down. 

// visit two new states // As much as I want to travel the world, there are so many beautiful places within the grand US of A that my eyes have not yet seen. I vow to spend a night or two or three in two new states. 

// backpack with Ben on an unfamiliar trail // For our second wedding anniversary this past May, Ben and I went backpacking together for the first time. Ben has done plenty of backpacking from New Mexico to Wyoming to all throughout the Appalachian Trail. On the other hand, it was my first time with the whole set-up as we hiked through Raccoon Creek State Park in Beaver County. As each hour passed on date we wedded, we recalled the details back and forth to each other. It was challenging trip physically, but a memorable one.  A couple of hours after the blister pain subsided and the legs didn't feel quite like Jell-O, Ben and I instantly wanted to plan our next trip! 

// add a pup(s) to our family // The name(s) are picked and love is ready. All we need now is our little French or English Bulldog to complete our family. 

// transform the Polaroid fridge into the Polaroid wall // Confession: I love Polaroids! Who doesn't? The only-one-shot-to-get-it-right feeling gives the picture so much more life and excitement. Since moving into our first home in Pittsburgh, I made it a priority to capture Polaroid pictures of each and every visitor. The side of our fridge radiates happiness and original memories. Memories that can never be copied. The fridge, over the past year, has become cramped. It is time to expand, and the wall parallel to our staircase is the perfect fit. Stay tuned. 

// print business cards // Someone once told me, "you are legit." Thank you, Alex. And, you know what, she is right, I am! It is time to bring that legitimacy to life on 3 1/2 X 2 inch rectangle piece of cardboard.  Wavy Alabaster business cards available by 2016. 

// always have fresh flowers // Nature is ever present in our home. Their energy is pure, their color vibrant, their air clean. A fresh flower(s) will be center stage in my home. 

I challenge you to #BreakDowntheBucketList with me! When your birthday rolls around, make it your personal New Year and jot something down that you want to conquer in the upcoming year. It can be one adventure, it can be a hundred adventures. It can be small or monumental. Do your pace, but whatever or however it is... I would love to hear about it. Share the hashtag on Instagram + tag me @WavyAlabaster or shoot me an email (wavyalabaster@gmail.com.) I just love to chat!

Cheers, Jessa

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