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Badger Jaw Necklace

Badger Jaw Necklace

We all have our form of style jigs. Ya know, when a sexy pair of shoes is grabbed on sale or a stranger publicly proclaims their love for your outfit or a tee is discovered from an ancient time and it magically still fits: we do a little jig. Even if style or fashion isn't your thing: work wraps early or the coffee folks remember your "regular" order or an extra day is gained (anyone else think Leap Day should be a national Holiday to be enjoyed?) Our excitement flows through our bodies in a quick, genuine celebration. So when I scored this badger jaw necklace from hot haute hot, a lively jig was done all the way down Penn Ave. 

Ben and I met Natalie, the designer and creator of this partial badger jaw necklace, because, well, we were gushing over her pieces. Ben was raving to me about the full badger jaw necklace giving me his blessing to buy. Secretly, he wanted to purchase so he could rock it around the house with the fringe jacket ghost of posts past and cowboy hat. Vision complete. Do a lil' jig.

Natalie introduced herself and asked the questions I'm sure all creatives selling their pieces for the first time ponder: how is the quality? Is the price fair? Will folks buy this? I instantly connected with Natalie and wanted to help. The more the merrier is my mindset when it comes to constructive feedback. Chit chatting led me to carry these questions to my fellow bloggers. This is one of my favorite qualities about Pittsburgh... this we-are-in-it-together attitude. Their feedback was thoughtful, honest and encouraging for not only Natalie, but myself as well. Us, bloggers can relate to a pursuit of creating, and then, taking it one step further, to capitalizing on a talent. And, folks, this girl possesses some talent.

Natalie has an eye and hand for making sturdy, conversation-provoking pieces. She sources the bones from another entrepreneur whom naturally obtains the items (entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs - love it!). The animals, as they naturally pass on his property, are collected and cleaned. Natalie then works her magic adding feathers, beads to create a one-of-a-kind work of art. The one I am rocking, the partial badger jaw necklace, is more simple and natural. The bone, itself, being the sneaky focal point of this dramatic outfit. It has a delicate appeal; but, upon further inspection, one will find it is nearly indestructible. For a girl that falls often and knocks over things on the daily, I can attest to the sturdiness of this piece.

My badger jaw has quickly skyrocketed to the top of my long necklace favorites. It adds an element of surprise to my style. It also evokes conversation and invites connection. I cannot tell you the meaningful, day-making discussions experienced since this necklace found its way into my life.

A conversation with a stranger, sparked by your jewelry, which leads to a smile: do a lil' jig. 

Cheers, Jessa

photos snapped by my favorite volume shooter, my husband

// NECKLACE Natalie Keibler, visit hot haute hot to check out these beauties in person OR feel free to email (keiblernatalie@gmail.com) for an order! Natalie has a fox skull as well as a coyote skull necklace available. She rocks and I highly recommend checking out her jewelry and many other creations. 

JACKET Urban Outfitters, I shopped this jacket from the men's department. I love that is it has a longer, leaner shiloutte pairing nicely with heels and the maxi dress. Shop similar styles here + here.

DRESS Free People, more casual version here

HAT Free People, shop similar here + here.

SOCKS Ben's drawer, shop similar here + here.

SHOES Circus by Sam Edelman, shop here + here //

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