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all black, never boring

all black, never boring

"I feel comfortable in black." Johnny Cash

I love me some Johnny. His story-telling lyrics combined with a fathomless, haunting voice make ears stand at attention. He was flawed and honest about those flaws. Something I try to emulate. Johnny was rocking all black looks prior to fashion experts deeming it effortlessly chic. Though always dressed in black, Johnny's look and presence was never mundane. We all might not be as interesting as Johnny or live the color black as a lifestyle, but here are three tips to keep your all black look anything but boring.

Shape, fabric, accents. Repeat it with me. Shape, fabric, accents. Hey! 

Shape // Dramatic, over-the-top shapes can be intimidating. But, the absence of color eases us into this styling tip and makes it a fun aspect to play with. Styling basics taught us darker shades are slimming. Hooray! This gives us even more room to experiment with eye-catching silhouettes. Extend your shape further, longer, wider. This poncho was nabbed from my gals over at Rosewood. I rocked it for their Holiday Style Guide and it had to be mine for life. 

Fabric // When it comes to pairing black clothing pieces, varying fabrics are your best friend. Shades differ and incorporating contrasting materials and patterns keep your look from being one dimensional. From vegan leather to wool to cotton with a heathered pattern, this all black look is peppered with alternating fabrics to keep your eye wandering. The vegan leather leggings bring out the vegan leather collar detail of the poncho solidifying the outfit from top to bottom. Yes, I ventured over to the dark side. I match. While I'm coordinating color, why not go for materials as well. When I match my belt, my hat, my shirt, my eye shadow, my shoes, my handbag, my nails... then send for help. 

 Accents //  Don't sweat the small stuff. UNLESS you are wearing head-to-toe black. Small details can break up, spice up, or brighten up your look. They provide necessary pit stops along your one shaded highway. I choose mirrored Aviators to complement the snap details on the poncho. My favorite skinny scarf wrapped around my neck added a tiny little pop (or pops of color). Just a smidgen of color, Johnny.  

“Everybody was wearing rhinestones, all those sparkly clothes, and cowboy boots. I decided to wear a black shirt and pants and see if I could get by with it. I did and I've worn black clothes ever since. ” - Johnny Cash

Cheers, Jessa

photos snapped by the lovely Jenn Ott

// poncho Rosewood, leggings Rosewood, skinny scarf Free People, shirt DKNY, shoes Circus by Sam Edelman, sunglasses Urban Outfitters //

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pay it forward

pay it forward

Am I my hair?

Am I my hair?