Wavy Alabaster


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Louise was beautiful bare. I’d rub my belly and talk her through her soon-to-be-world, pairing descriptions to the muffled sounds she heard and the sights she could not see. This changing table was built for just for you by the many hands awaiting your arrival. That, my dear, is the nasty crow who has made a home in our pines. Feel that warmth, that push, that is your sister’s head protecting you. Yes, her bark is shrill, but her love is endless. This our favorite book,“You’ll find that this world is a great place to begin, but it could use some help which is where you come in. So now, as my voice burple-urps in your ear-with a bump-thumpy sound that is not very clear- the words I am saying you hear in your heart and know that I wish you the very best start. It's a scrumptulous world and its ready to greet you. And as for myself... well...I can't wait to meet you!”

Now cloaked in dress the color of flushed cheeks, Louise took on a new charm. An elegance I didn’t know possible for a little one. Like wild ivy, the florals swallowed her whole, a winsome netting of protection. I reassured her that one day, she would feel the intricacy of the lace and the weight of the craftsmanship for herself. She would climb, pull and put the dress’s durability to the test.

And then one morning in August, she did.

My gratitude refills and pours out over my shoulders every time I slip on this dress. It weds opulence with ease; the color blood red, so rich it radiates warmth and mimics the safety of the womb, the first place Louise called home. This dress gracefully covered my seven-month pregnant body. It made my size feel beautiful. The relaxed drapery accentuated my expanding body, refusing to keep my shape a secret. It gave me room to take a breath.

A year later, the dress spreads among grass neon from dew. It endures the curiosity of a nine-month-old enamored by its raised texture. I still feel beautiful wearing it, if not more so because beauty with two buck teeth stares back at me, a beauty I helped create. Louise takes the fabric in her hands, furrows her brow and it examines it with the precision and care of an archeologist uncovering a rare bone on a dig. She knows it special, she has worn it before.

The dress as a whole is a canopy of commemoration. Each embroidered rosette connected to a feeling - the anticipation of Lou’s arrival, the pain and discouragement of the serrated journey to pregnancy, the gratitude for the chance to grow into this enormous thing call mom. The veins of emotions come together to make the dress something more than armor or style or vanity. It is a story with chapters, my own personal page-turner, and I have no intention of closing it anytime soon.

Cheers, Jessa

Thank you, Rose Colored Creative,
for documenting, not only for my art, but for my life.

Pregnant Photos from The Gift of a Maternity Portal
Photography: Merritt Lee Photography
Hair & Makeup:
Marie Miclot
Lex & Lynne / Lex & Lynne Bridal
All the pieces are part of a Ready To Wear Capsule Collection
available here.
Alexis Corry
Gina Ungarino
Location Scout:
Lex & Zach Travel

Reworked Vintage: Wavy Alabaster x Highway Robbery Vintage

Reworked Vintage: Wavy Alabaster x Highway Robbery Vintage