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Reworked Vintage: Wavy Alabaster x Highway Robbery Vintage

Reworked Vintage: Wavy Alabaster x Highway Robbery Vintage

See this shirt, holding hands with the past,
I am its second owner because it’s built to last. 

- Wear and Care

Slow Fashion Season is underway. It has been a month of rearranging my closet to revive dormant dresses and tops; their colors fanning for attention when exposed to the light. It has been a month of rummaging through various secondhand boutiques throughout Pennsylvania and Ithaca, New York (Ithaca, with its shaded trails outlining waterfalls and secondhand culture is my spirit city). It has been a month of passed on treasures for Louise, which are always welcomed. I also became acquainted with a resourceful type of vintage thanks to Highway Robbery Vintage.

Highway Robbery Vintage has been a Pittsburgh staple for seventies, eighties and nineties vintage, for eight years. Their vintage is authentic, easygoing and financially accessible. Any piece found among the racks of Highway Robbery Vintage pairs effortlessly with modern styles and silhouettes. Owner, Kate Colussy, is a breeze of cool calmness which reflects in her space and the vintage pieces she procures (I bet Kate is laughing at that description which further reflects her modest and relaxed self-view). Kate is a force and a visionary. She pioneers the local vintage scene while keeping a pulse on the global vintage market. When she invited me to the shop, I knew there was something fresh to share.

Kate and I discussed our fondness of Slow Fashion Season and sustainability within the vintage community. I am immersed in vintage and the secondhand community, but Kate shared a novel perspective, at least to me. A catchy seventies, psychedelic-print dress is more likely to see multiple owners due to its uniqueness than a classic button-down. The overproduction of classic pieces makes it challenging for vintage and secondhand shops to give further life to them all. As Kate explained, the classic t-shirts, sweatshirts and button-downs, that is what ends up in the landfills. I never thought of vintage shopping this way. I am the consumer who buys the one-of-a-kind seventies dress. I gravitate toward the standout rather than the standard.

Kate then showed me reworked vintage pieces, a new offering in her shop. She discovered Art Reworks, a company which upcycles materials and redesigns vintage pieces to produce original, high-quality goods. They combine vintage and repurposing beautifully - a bleach-dyed crew cut sweatshirt adds a touch of pop-art to a casual look, oversized men’s button-downs are refreshed by adding a contrasting color of recycled fabric or a new hem. I connected with the rich tones and the substantial feeling of quality fabrics.

These gifted tops are not the only reworked offerings. Upcycled denim and repurposed leather goods, including bags and jackets, are also available. Kate plans to bring in additional lines of reworked vintage to serve a variety of tastes. I cannot wait to see what designs she brings in for fall. As she did in 2011 when she opened a niche vintage shop, Kate is once again expanding the vintage options for locals. Pittsburgh is a destination for sustainable clothing thanks to visionaries like Kate. Now we welcome reworked vintage to the mix.

Kate, who is participating in Slow Fashion Season as well, and I
want to celebrate the halfway point of Slow Fashion Season with you!

Join us on Wednesday, August 14th, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Highway Robbery Vintage (2012 East Carson Street). Converse with other Slow Fashion Season participants and supporters of sustainable style over refreshments while shopping vintage and reworked vintage.
A special discount will be offered for all attendees!
For more details and to RSVP, click here.

Design by the talented Ashley Olinger of    YEAHYELSHA

Design by the talented Ashley Olinger of YEAHYELSHA

Cheers, Jessa

Reworked vintage tops gifted by Highway Robbery Vintage. For more information about Kate and the shop, check out this brilliant profile, Diamond in the Rough: Highway Robbery Vintage, by Emma Diehl for Very Local Pittsburgh.

Photos by the talented Rose Colored Creative

Event flyer design by the lovely Ashely Olinger of YEAHYELHSA.

A huge thank you to CollAction Slow Fashion Season!
Your support means the world to us.