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100 Word Stories: Style Blunders

100 Word Stories: Style Blunders

We all have stumbled upon an old crinkled 4x6 print and were repulsed. The hair cut was tolerable - it is a sign of the times, the crooked teeth were cute in their unruly way, but the outfit could not be handled. We ask the inevitable question, "what were we thinking?" Even the most stylish people fall prey to the fashion faux pas. 

Saved by the Knife
Varsha, Coach/Entrepreneur and founder of KnowingLuxe

In a suit and pantyhose for an interview later, I was rushing to class. This law professor would lock you out if you were late but I had to stop to use the bathroom. As I sat to pee, the warmth made me realize that I pulled down my pantyhose but not my thong. There was no way to remove the wet thong, put the pantyhose back on and make it to class on time. Thankfully, I had a swiss army knife in my bag. I cut the thong right off and made it to class without being locked out.

Dee, founder of The Dee Project

I settled for black jeans with a sequins tuxedo stripe, white satin tank, sequins cover up and black pumps. Warm enough for the outdoors cool enough for a crowded room. My outfit was on point, with one glaring exception - it wasn’t a good look for me. It was a compromise outfit. But there’s the rub. I have the right pieces, but finding them at the right time becomes impossible. My gluttony for new things leads to a form of chaos. Drowning in an ocean of riches is my fashion faux pas, and it means counter-intuitively dressing my best.

Thankfully, 21 is Not Forever
Liz Sterrett, Rockstar Mom and Creator of liz from pittsburgh

Flashing lights, loud music, fickle boys, and late nights: my early 20’s were just as confusing sartorially as they were socially. These late nights were typically spent wearing what I now consider cringe-inducing outfits of sequined halter tops and booty-boasting gaucho pants; most picked up at Forever 21 after a long shift at The Olive Garden. Luckily for me, those cheaply made outfits did not survive the test of time, and (other than the occasional Facebook photo reminder) they died along with my urge to set foot in da’ club. 

Fashion Blunder Haikus
Sam DitkaImage Consultant/Stylist and Founder of Moxie Mama® 

Preppy Handbook love
Turtle, Polo, and sweater
Michelin man vibe

80’s all big hair
Perm and Aqua net for days
Such a fire hazard.

 Lightening my hair
Clairol hair painting with friends
Tiger stripes are bad 

Concert and vodka
Thought my shoes were amazing
Like giraffe on stilts

Bo Derek total 10
Braids and feathers at the beach
NOT the same at home

Extremely pregnant
Big overalls and pigtails
What was I thinking?

Double-sided tape
Plunging neckline on my dress
Eyeful to the crowd

Birthday in Vegas
White dress on fleek and opaque
Until the black light.

Beetlejuice... Beetlejuice...
yours truly

It was my first Madrigal. The winter dance where everyone dressed up to get drunk in an auxiliary gym. I was full steam ahead into my basketball season and did not prepare as a lady freshman should. Thus, when the night arrived, I visited my dorm neighbors for last minute help. The assemble consisted of a black lace knee-length skirt and a pink cami underneath a black lace top which acted as second skin. Throw on more makeup then I had worn in my life up to that point, and I was the sister of Beetlejuice.  

Cheers, Jessa

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