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Winter Olympics Are Coming, Style Accordingly

Winter Olympics Are Coming, Style Accordingly

Nothing takes more of a backseat than my style during Pittsburgh's cold, grey days. I resort to a trusty combination of navy track pants (better known as my basketball warm ups from college) and a broken-in vegan leather Moto jacket. Pull on a mustard beanie, fluff the unwashed hair, and I am off to conquer from the desk in the corner of my dining room. Rinse and repeat. 

Of all things, a Milk Life commercial featuring Maddie Bowman, U.S. Olympic Freeskiing Gold Medalist, and her mother shook me of my monotonous style cycle. These 30 seconds first made me cry. There are few things more emotional than a mother's support of a child's life pursuit. Through the tears, my eyes lit up from the inside out as I was reminded the Winter Olympics are coming!

The magic of the Olympics is undeniable. The self-sacrificing discipline of the athletes is admirable and makes us hold our breath with each big air trick or triple axel. Style inspiration is beyond visual. Emotions, sensations, a heart-string pull can all influence a wardrobe. Digging through my closet, the spark of inspiration from the upcoming Olympic Games led to an onset of outfit combinations.

I learn more about my point of view, within the context of style, by examining other's interpretation. To continue oxygen flowing to the flame, I asked local friends and those admired from a distance to style a "look" based off of the Winter Olympics. It was a vague, yet central, point of inspiration. The results led to frosty eyes, faux fur, and racing stripes keeping me afloat through the dog days of winter.   

Tenesha "Nesh" Cameron

Meet Makeup Artist, Nesh. We met at a Luna Boutique photo shoot where I attempted to be the definition of a "model" for a day. Nesh didn't attempt, she crushed it. There was a certain strength to her style and existence in front and behind the camera. Her Instagram is a force of inspiration and a lesson in harnessing creative power. Her icy look above is on fire and makes me want to experiment more with colorful makeup. 

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Jamie Hamilton

I have yet to meet Jamie in person, but her Instagram and unapologetic style drew my eye. She has a majestic presence. Happiness and color broadcast from her outfit selections. This track set from Fashion Nova Curve is no different and fuels my love of sets. When I need a dose of confidence, I visit her digital aura.

Jamie's photos by Sandrachile

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Aadam Soorma

After meeting Aadam Soorma a few weeks ago, I discovered a newfound sense of energy. He is a kick start in human form and his style radiates a hip crispness. Aadam is the Founder and Lead Strategist at Whom Creative. You can also find him leading tours of Pittsburgh's craft beer scene through Porter Brewery Tours. He is a man about town; hell-bent on growing and connecting this city. 

Aadam's photos by Loren De Marco and shout out to Lauren, Aadam's girlfriend for the cameo!

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Liz Sterrett

Liz is my hero. She is a single mother, a veteran of the United States Navy, and a fearless style maven (just to name a few). As a fellow writer and blogger, Liz and I connected through sharing our raw stories with one another. If there was a bidding war to write her biography, I would take a second mortgage on my house. Her style is energetic and rambunctious. Liz is the only person who could make me contemplate buying pink tights. 

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Quito Ollero

Quito is another Pittsburgh creative I have yet to meet in real life. Hopefully this changes soon. His Instagram provides me with endless jacket and pin envy. Quito is fighting the winter style lull through #nojeansjanuary. The Olympic challenge was right up his alley. After receiving these photos, I threw a tailored blazer, with a vintage broach, over everything: a velvet polka dot dress, Adidas cigarette pants, pajamas - the possibilities are endless!


Sarah Collins

My love for Sarah Collins is known. She is the founder of Rose Colored Creative. Her style is fresh and lively. Often her glow behind the camera fuels my glow in front of it. It is no coincidence she is wearing the color red; the color of action, leadership and vitality. Her strength, through style and photography, is released into the atmosphere on a daily basis. 

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In 2012, Ben and I traveled to Lake Placid, New York, where we drank our way through town, yelled through a bobsled ride and explored the, now vacant, site of the Miracle on Ice (not in that order)

The moment defined by three words refers to the medal-round game during the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid when the United States men's ice hockey team defeated the dominating and defending gold medalists, the Soviet Union. This sweater, memorializing this event through thread, was our favorite purchase from the trip. I took to downtown with Chancelor Humphrey of Keep Pittsburgh Dope, and captured Olympic-inspired look. The pants may be navy, but they are not basketball warm-ups, scouts honor.

Cheers, Jessa

Thank you to everyone who participated in this project! Your time and style are much appreciated. 

What I Gained From An Instagram Diet

What I Gained From An Instagram Diet

Mendelssohn Choir Of Pittsburgh Rocks Bob Dylan With Steve Hackman at the Helm

Mendelssohn Choir Of Pittsburgh Rocks Bob Dylan With Steve Hackman at the Helm