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Sleep to Street: Cheeks x Wavy Alabaster

Sleep to Street: Cheeks x Wavy Alabaster

Waking up before the sun has a quiet beauty to it. Knowing the dawn is right around the corner, darkness takes on a safe and promising feeling. The worry around what to wear is lifted when sleepwear is taken to the street, leaving more room to embrace the purity of the morning. 

On this particular Sunday, I am not dragging when my alarm sounds at 4:30am. The alarm is my starter pistol. I make my hair big and throw on some makeup, not before rubbing ice under my eyes (my body and mind may be up and at 'em, but my under eyes de-puff after 7am.) My outfit comes easy because it is what I was sleeping in the night before. Don't worry, though, no walk of shames in the making here, just practicality. 

When I was a teenager, I wore my basketball gear, minus the Nikes, to bed when practice was scheduled earlier than 8am. Every ounce of sleep was precious. Wake up, hair up, roll out of bed into my 1997 Jeep Wrangler and let the wind whip me awake. Youth was kinder to my looks then. It is not as simple nowadays, but it is made easier when you can translate your sleepwear into a daytime look. 

Allow me to introduce Cheeks, a local shop which has been servicing the greater Pittsburgh population for over 30 years. Cheeks is a sleepwear and lingerie boutique. With one location in Shadyside on Walnut Street and a sister location on Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill, Cheeks provides a unique selection of styles to show off and those you want to keep hidden, but still want to look good. The owner and curator, Ilene Levy, took over Cheeks in 1997. Over the course of twenty years, she has provided folks with upscale and beautiful pieces, offering the likes of Simone Pérèle lingerie (the Saga Underwire Demi Bra is my new best friend), Eberjey chemises, Eileen West night gowns, and Natori sleepwear, slips and robes. 

Ilene has a pure entrepreneurial spirit and adorned it before entrepreneurship seemed to take on a trendy quality. She is kind and deeply passionate about her business and the folks it serves. Each time I entered her doors, she was personally assisting a customer. I was happy to wait. Behind her curly blond hair (yes, we were meant to meet), there is a quiet strength and showmanship about her. It is something which carries her prescence far beyond the store's doors. This quality speaks to her sleepwear as well. 

Reinventing the way items in your closet are styled takes imagination and a dose of adventure from time to time. It is no secret folks have been taking sleepwear to the street. It ebbs and flows as trends do. But this is more than a trend, it is a practical, not to mention comfortable, style move. Investing in a quality sleepwear piece gives you options, particularly when purchasing pajama sets or robes. 

Robes do not have to just be a covering worn from the shower to the kitchen; they can become glamorous third pieces over a pair of ripped jeans...

A floral pajama set is for playing in the streets as well as pampering nighttime routines...

An Eileen West night gown, once worn by my grandmother, now seeing the dawn shed light on its bohemian side...

Cheeks has your covered all day and all night. Now, go get comfy!

Cheers, Jessa

This is a promoted post with Cheeks in collaboration with Rose Colored Creative, but please know all the thoughts and words above are my own.

These beautiful pieces can be found at Cheeks in Shadyside or Squirrel Hill. Give a call (412.682.5443) or pay a visit at either location, tell Ilene I said hi!

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