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A Journey to Habitual Wellness: Earth Brands x Little's of Pittsburgh

A Journey to Habitual Wellness: Earth Brands x Little's of Pittsburgh

In partnership with Earth, Inc. and Little's of Pittsburgh. Words and thoughts are my own.

Transitioning into a freelance lifestyle is one to be handled delicately. I am in complete control of my time, and more importantly, my wellness. Mind, body, and soul care-taking are no longer rushed luxury after work hours, but a fluent necessity. Wellness encompasses many forms outside an efficient amount of sleep, water drinking, healthy food choices, etc., though no one can argue the importance of these actions. What about wellness of what we wear? When choosing clothing and shoe options for the day, how these pieces affect my wellness is not top of mind. I lean more toward the vain benefits. Wellness stemmed by what we wear, however, is worth giving attention. Wellness can be improved in our daily style choices. We start bottoms up in our own backyard with Earth Brands at Little’s of Pittsburgh

Little's of Pittsburgh is no secret to our community; it has been a force for nearly 100 years. This shoe fit store moved to Forbes Ave in Squirrel Hill (my backyard!) around 1932. During my recent visit to this iconic location, I had the pleasure of meeting Justin Sigal, President and fourth generation shoe connoiseur, and his father Joel Sigal, CEO of Little's of Pittsburgh. Joel and Justin were down-to-earth, and conversations bounced from shoes to sports, sports to shoes. This family has owned, operated and cared for Little's for about 34 years. These gentlemen and their Fit Specialists know shoes. Their friendly neighbor approach is one rooted in education and guidance. Regardless of style and size, Fit Specialists are ready and willing to assist, chat and ensure you find your shoe sole mate. 

This particular October afternoon, I was on the hunt for shoes by Earth Brands. I met Donna, Earth Shoes® representative and Fit Specialist for the day, and we were off to the races. Earth Shoes® run deeper than just another footwear brand. It is grounded in wellness. They provide an innovative cushioned footbed resulting in a literal bed for your foot. When trying on various styles, I felt a distinct padded heel. Upon further investigation, I learned this padding displaces shock enabling my steps to be delicate. My heavy foot thanks you, Earth. Add a reinforced arch and a multi-density latex cushioning layer, and Earth Shoes® gifts our feet stability without sacrificing contemporary style. 

After strutting around Little's in a variety of styles, I settle on the Earth Shoes® slip on sneaker, Zetta. The supreme comfort and rich merlot color sold me. This sneaker is meant to be out in the autumn wild, so into the autumn I ventured.

My second selection was Earthies® Santana Wingtip Oxford. This oxford, with classic brogue detailing, reminded me of the dress shoes my husband wore on our wedding day. A sibling label to the traditional Earth Shoes®, Earthies® step up the style game a bit while featuring a unique footbed. A couple of factors are at work to create this molded footbed: 

  • proper positioning of the foot is set by a cupped heel
  • an anatomic arch increases touch points along the transition from the heel to the forefoot
  • a cradled toe area allows weight to be evenly distributed away from toes

Needless to say, comfort for the overall improvement of wellness is the priority. Whether parading sidewalks or escaping to trails, Earth can take me anywhere while taking care of me.  

My goal of habitual wellness starts from the ground up with Earth Brands at Little's of Pittsburgh. Whether I lace up or slip on, Earth Shoes® and Earthies® position my body at ease. They look good, I feel good, and this comfort creates a clear space for my soul to explore, my writing to flourish. Cheers to you, Little's for bringing Earth and all their wellness to our neighborhood. I will be back for more sole searching soon!

"To truly feel your most comfortable, you must also love the way you look."

Cheers, Jessa


Earth Brands is wellness footwear with yoga roots. Thank you to the folks at Earth for being kind, informative and enthusiastic. Follow along their wellness journey, and give the love.

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Little's of Pittsburgh is located on 5850 Forbes Ave and open daily from 9:30am until 9pm, expect on Sundays where hours are 12pm until 5pm. Pay them a visit and find your Earth Brands sole mate!

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Photos by Rose Colored Creative

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