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Chapter Three

Chapter Three

It's hard to believe the two year mark has come and gone for this small slice of internet.

What started as a platform to write has turned into a stream of creation where my words, style, and others' photography interlace to form one bond. This bond, of 500+ words and 10+ photos, hopefully gives you five to ten minutes of escape. I have published less posts this year, but the effort behind each one has not slacked. If anything, the effort has doubled. This blog is rounding the corner of routine. Ben and I joke about what our life consisted of prior to our pup, Opal. Our love is so great for her, it is hard to imagine the life we were living before her existence. I feel the same way about this blog. Wavy Alabaster is as necessary to me as the fingers I use to type it. It is therapeutic, it is challenging and takes me one step closer to my optimal self

As I reread posts from the past year, my words, the ones I worked tirelessly to create, do not hold my focus. I kept being distracted by comments. Words of encouragement and empathy. Words which housed their own story. Words which sparked more words graduating to conversation. Thoughts from strangers and friends alike, and strangers that became friends or muses. My blog is developing into a two-way street of connection which I never planned. It is this beautiful detour that has evolved into the preferred route, and my heart bursts with pride over it. 

More raw posts have graced the pages this year with Big Fat Rut taking the award for most difficult to publish. As therapeutic as it was to create that piece, the real healing came in the aftermath. Encouragement was received in many different forms. I was forced to talk about Ben and I's infertility, not just write about it. Having to chat about this challenge was an expected result. My motto for this blog has been and always will be: if I can write about it, if I share it, I sure as hell better be able to talk about it. What I didn't expect was the degree of positive impact it would have on my mindset of the situation. I am visibly more hopeful and realistic. This is Ben and I's journey at the moment. I can't make sense of it, but I can spot the beauty every now and again. After all it is our journey and that is what makes it beautiful. Last year around this time, I grabbed your hand. Following Big Fat Rut, in a bit of a role reversal, you grabbed mine. You took my hand with your comments and reminded me of the fleeting beauty within each journey. A million times, thank you. 

I do not create for the comments. But, I would be a lying if I didn't acknowledge the fuel provided by your interactions. A team mentality and sense of community was a part of my "Personal Legend" (currently reading The Alchemist) at a very young age. Connecting with folks on the good, and more importantly the challenging, is what transforms acquaintances into imperishable connections. Sports taught me that. As I close out chapter two and move onto year three, it is full of advanced gratitude. I am overflowing with pride in this space and how it is evolving. Thank you for reading and continuing the dialogue off site. 

Words can mend, words can break
down the barriers that are built to house hate.
Words can bend, words can fake
the true feelings we hide, secretly wishing for escape. 
But the most remembered, 
the most revered
are the words full of love, full of truth, with no ounce of fear. 

Jessa Gibboney


As all proper milestones should be celebrated...


Cheers, folks.

Cheers, Jessa

Wow Sarah, thank you for helping my vision some to life! Creating with you gives me such life. All shots by Rose Colored Creative 

Ben, thank you for giving up half of our downstairs for this scroll to be created. 

Intimate Weddings: Renoir Inspired Picnic

Intimate Weddings: Renoir Inspired Picnic

Hat Tricks

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