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A New Time is Set: Panthère de Cartier at Orr's Jewelers

A New Time is Set: Panthère de Cartier at Orr's Jewelers

In Partnership with Cartier and Orr's Jewelers

I challenge the role of time. It has caged me, seduced me and left me feeling helpless in precarious moments. Not long ago, I was a seeker of time; hoping when it was seized, more would magically appear. This, of course, was not the outcome. I had to learn discipline in order to take control of the where, when and how my energy was spent. Time is precious and my time is deserving of strict ownership. Having resigned from my full-time job to pursue writing; a new time has been set. It is a path distinctly me, and Panthère de Cartier at Orr's Jewelers sets my tone.

My time is now, mine.

Leaving the stability of full-time work to support myself through writing seems to force self-definition. Who am I? Who am I as a writer? As an artist? These questions are short in words and long (and complicated) in response. I have worked tirelessly to reach this point of artistic independence. I changed cities, I changed careers, I started over at the end of my twenties. Add another three years to arrive at being comfortable enough with the uncomfortable to freelance. Writing is now my career-in-the-making, and I feel this immediacy in defining who I am as a writer and as a person.

Our passions are personal. If they weren't rooted in this intimacy, they would not be passionsThey are significant, satisfying and sometimes troubling. Writing comes from an indescribable place within myself. I hesitate to define or label this as I may confine the very place which sets my imagination free. My words present a shaving of my thoughts, feelings, complications at a particular time. I love this about writing. It is a waltz with words to narrate an adventure, chronicling the beauty behind fleeting moments. I refuse to contain myself or my writing within a general, overarching definition. Besides, writing beyond the lines is where the fun lives. 

The Panthère de Cartier, cased in steel with quartz movement, is the guide behind my spirit and an extension of my style. It graces my wrist with strength and elegance. Upon closure, I feel a power within me; a boldness awakened. Whether it is an article pitch to a publication, a deeply personal essay to finally hit the publish button, saying no to projects not in line with my writing aesthetic, or refusing to define my art in one sentence, this adornment pushes me to trust my instinct. Panthère de Cartier is a reminder aspirations are not merely a list to be started, but a lifestyle to embrace.

Panthère de Cartier is distinct and so I am. This jewel encourages me to embrace this self-emergence. I am not fearless, I am fear-seeking. This moment holds significant influence, and I want to be aware of this while still existing in it. I capture it in my words, in my style, to form a memory worth revisiting. As I write, as I wonder, Panthère de Cartier reflects my sly smile and ignites a bustling mind. This time, right now; it's only the beginning...

Visit Orr's Jewelers and reclaim your time with Panthère de Cartier

Cheers, Jessa

This project was nothing short of a dream. Thank you to Megan of the Cartier family and Sandra of the Orr's Jeweler's family (a local love of mine!). The significance and milestone of this project is not lost on me and I am honored to have participated.  

The beautiful photography is by fine art photographer, Joey Kennedy. Joey, you pushed me to a different place within my photos, which pushed my writing. Thank you.

The styling was yours truly with the wardrobe provided by one of my favorites, Kristi Boutique.

Hair and Makeup by the beautiful Lauren Borowski of LB Make-up & Hair Artistry.  

To my girl Jenna of Balance + Chaos who was also on this project: (check out her piece HERE!) you continue to encourage me in my writing. I learn a great deal from your blogging success, and am blessed to call you a friend. 

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