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Creating the below image with a stranger is an experience I will not soon forget.

Johnny Shieh of YJ&J Photography
@yjjphotography// Facebook

This picture was taken by a pure soul named Johnny. It was created during a Pittsburgh photo walk organized by Captured::Pittsburgh, a nonprofit devoted to educating, supporting and promoting local creatives. This photo, along with seven other captures, is currently on display in an Open Air Photography Gallery off Walnut Street in Shadyside. Simply start at the Apple store and wander across where a restored alley way of art awaits. Running for the next 12 months, this pop-up gallery is a collective community effort - coordinated by Captured::Pittsburgh, supported by the Shadyside Chamber of Commerce, contributed by local creatives. Each month a new exhibition will be displayed showcasing the upcoming talent running rampant in our grand city. 

Johnny is one of those talents. His fellow photographers below are those talents.

Back to the above picture: it demands your attention. It seems more the work of an illusionist than a quirky blogger and a humble photographer. Peering at this portrait, you might not guess Johnny and I were unfamiliar with one another prior to defying gravity together. Art, in all its glorious forms, has the power to unify folks. As strangers we, from photographers to bloggers to videographers, met on the first of October and walked. We walked and snapped. We walked and talked. We walked and listened to Creedence Clearwater Revival via my iPhone. It was a couple hours of open creation without any script. The results were organic and allowed us to see the world through one another's viewpoint. 

Jason Fait


Melissa Shontz
Instagram // Web site


Philip Dallas 
Instagram // Facebook

Shaun Campbell

Check out the hashtag #CapturePgh on Instagram and Facebook for endless inspiration and pay a visit to the Open Air Gallery. Also, be sure to use the hashtag in your own photos for a chance to be considered for the Gallery. In a short month, almost 1,200 photos have been shared. Melissa, a photographer whose work is shown above and on display currently, said to me Monday night at the unveiling, "You know how things can come at the right time in your life? Well, this [pointing to her work on display] came at the right time for me."

Melissa, me too my dear.

The past few days have been confusing and overwhelming for me. If you have seen me or shared conversations, that is no secret. It's been intense to say the least. In times of personal uncertainty, focusing on small joys can have big impact. And, what is more joyous than meeting new artists from all walks of life for the sole goal of creating?

Let's keep sharing; let's keep creating together. 

Cheers, Jessa

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