I owe credit to my husband, Ben and my friend, Travis, for Wavy Alabaster. Ben nicknamed me his "alabaster beauty."  was Alabaster became the starting place. While teasing the idea of this site, Travis became my sound board. I will never forget his words when we stumbled upon Wavy Alabaster, : "I can picture myself sitting at a coffee shop asking my friends, 'Did you read the latest on Wavy Alabaster?'" Thus, the birth of my blog. 

Wavy Alabaster: Surface Layer

My wavy hair and alabaster skin: these traits help define me. They set me apart, yet remind me of a shared spectrum of beauty we all walk among on a daily basis. Though there was time I camouflaged and altered these traits, I now flaunt them proudly.

Wavy Alabaster: Another Layer Down

Our stories ebb and flow, a constant wave of change. Wavy reflects this truth. Alabaster, a white, translucent mineral, is often ornamental in its use. It is a reminder of the firmness and originality within us all. Together these two words make for a distinct journey.