I owe a great deal of credit to my husband, Ben and my friend, Travis, for the name, Wavy Alabaster. Ben has nicknamed me his "Alabaster Beauty" since day one, so naturally, "alabaster" was the starting place. When I first teased the idea of this site, Travis became my sound board for names. When we collectively fell upon Wavy Alabaster, I will never forget his words: "I can picture myself sitting at a coffee shop asking my friends, 'Did you read the latest on Wavy Alabaster?'" The name stuck. 

Wavy Alabaster: Surface Layer

My hair rolling, coiling with a life of its own poking me in the eye as a reminder it cannot be tamed. A mane warming in January and soaking up the sun's color in July. It has endured experiments, yet still maintains its natural flow. My skin glowing, blinding as the sun dances off of it. It is balanced; delicate and sensitive, yet strong and resilient. It is my protective layer, but in need of much protection itself. 

My wavy hair and alabaster skin, I decide now to let these traits help define me. They set me apart, yet remind me of a shared spectrum of beauty we all walk among on a daily basis. What was once camouflaged and changed, I now flaunt and parade.

Wavy Alabaster: Another Layer Down

Our stories ebb and flow, a constant wave of change, and I want Wavy Alabaster to reflect this truth. Alabaster, a white, translucent mineral, is often ornamental in its use. It is a reminder of the solid beauty and originality within us all. Together these two words make for a distinct journey complete with all the ups and downs.