The real-world grind can confine a spirit. 

It comes knocking and you try to find the profession that supports every day, real responsibilities while incorporating your passions. You know it exists. It has to. Acquiring this mystical union of fulfilling one’s heart and wallet has proven effortlessly for some. For me, it has been a bit more challenging.

Everything in my life is connected. As much as I have tried to separate work life from personal life, I cannot master this skill. It is just not in me. For six years after leaving the land of college, I exhausted myself in the sports industry, from working with a professional football team to providing sports marketing consultation and activation for large corporations. I thought this separation of work and personal life would occur naturally the older and, dare I say, wiser I became. I forced it at times, but this feeling or quality would only develop naturally at its own pace, or would it? I am not old, but I am old enough to know concrete findings about myself. And what I came to realize was the stress and workload never left my chest. 

Hi there!

Above is an excerpt from my first post, Wave of Change. In 2014, my husband and I packed up our belongings and moved from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. This was triggered by my desire to leave the seven year sports marketing career I created to pursue writing, as a career and way of life. I took up a retail job, and thus the pursuit of freelance began. 

Writing and sharing stories (not just my own) truly nourish my soul. I was hooked at eighteen when my mother kept a daily journal of my senior year of high school. It is a cherished gift. To read your journey through another's words is not only therapeutic, it gives a positive and meaningful perspective to once common moments. My mother ended the journal with the following, "This is the end of my journal entries. Maybe you'll choose to continue the journal with your own thoughts."


I did continue (thanks, mama). I wrote over ten years as a hobby and form of meditation. In 2015, I launched Wavy Alabaster. It is an open journal, a public way to document my writing. This space is as varied as my interests, covering triumphs and challenges, personal style, adventureswhiskey (yes, whiskey). This journey through journal continues to unfold. In September 2017, I resigned from my retail job to enter freelance writing full time. This space continues to serve as my personal playground of creation as I navigate the roads of freelance. I appreciate the visit, and thank you for reading along! 

Cheers, Jessa