Writing is a part of me. Sustainable style is a part of me. Sharing the stories behind vintage, secondhand and ethically-made clothing and accessories nourishes my soul. 

Writing captured my attention when I was eighteen. Though I had scribbled in journals and always enjoyed writing assignments, it was a gift from my mother which hooked me. During my senior year of high school, my mother documented each day in a journal. To read your journey, equally full of triumphs and awkward bits, through another's words is therapeutic. It gives meaning to once common interactions. "This is the end of my journal entries," wrote my mother,"Maybe you'll choose to continue the journal with your own thoughts." It took me some time to find my way back to writing, but I did continue. It is now my career

My style evolves along with my soul, thoughts and surroundings. I adored vintage and secondhand pieces for their unique quality. No one wore what I wore. My once selfish love for vintage and secondhand pieces has morphed into educating myself where, how and why my clothes are created. No longer is my style solely about vanity. Vanity, the way a garment makes me feel and look, is not going anywhere; but, I realize my choices impact my surroundings, whether that be my community or the environment. I am not 100% sustainable in my style choices. I might never be. But, I do strive to hold my style responsible. 

I write about this responsibility, the stories behind style and the copy of life. I live in Pittsburgh, Pa with my husband, Ben, and my pup, Opal. I am currently taking a maternity leave until February 2019.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to connecting and sharing with you.

Cheers, Jessa