Today is not my Day

This morning I listed potential work for the new year. The title, "Potential Jobs" was written in fancy cursive with the jobs bulleted below in capitalized print. The choice of lined paper added the right amount of professionalism. This list is visually appealing, as is my preference. I began brainstorming how to boost the amount of bullet points, how to fill more lines. The uneasy emptiness in the pit of my stomach, the feeling which is trailed by tears, stopped me. I cried in a brown, suede chair next to a Douglas fir with twinkle lights which would rival the Kira Kira app. Opal tilt her head, made her way to me, and licked the damp salt on my cheeks. I wasn't upset by the number of jobs. The quality of the potential work made up for the amount. I was humiliated they all were written in pencil.