essential shine

The New Year is upon us and for a night sparkle and shine reign king. It represents the celebratory and hopeful sense we have going into a fresh year. But, who says it has to be confined to this famed night?

Let's give sparkle a chance at being in the same lane as denim. Let's make it more of a staple and less of a one-time thrill. By definition "sparkle" means:

1.    a :  to throw out sparks
       b :  to give off or reflect bright moving points of light
       c :  to perform brilliantly
2.    EFFERVESCE <wine that sparkles>
3.    to become lively or animated <the dialogue sparkles with wit>

I don't know about you, but I am down for having all the above define a daily outfit. It is tough to argue against sparkle's charisma when the definition is "to perform brilliantly." When I see shine dance off someone's garment, I cannot help but smile. There is a warm-fuzzy, enthusiastic energy to this embellishment and I'll be damned to limit it to one night a year. 

Long live sparkle in the daylight paired with your worn-in denim and favorite sneakers. Dress it down to get down with the fact that a little shine never hurt anyone. Boost your mood and your style by labeling it a new staple; the latest star of your wardrobe. 

If folks flash you an odd look, let it reflect right off your sequins. 

Cheers, Jessa

Capturing the pockets of light are all thanks to Sarah Collins, the lady behind the lens of the above photos. Her energy is uplifting and focused, a true dream to shoot with

// dress Free People, vintage Levis jacket, jeans American Eagle, sneakers Vans, pins juju //